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Ultimate Healing, Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist

2016-01-14 5:30 pm

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Comprehensive Health Analysis includes an in-depth Iridology analysis (of the eyes), using the most recent digital imaging & microscope technology in this field. Jane Smolnik, Naturopath and Iridologist, will look at all aspects of your health, lifestyle, bio-chemical, personal and genetic influences to ascertain the underlying root causes and imbalances affecting your health for natural preventive care.  Jane may also utilize analysis of the face, fingernails or tongue, bio-chemistry analysis, Meridian Reflex Analysis, kinesiology, and the Vital Scan HRV test.  Your most advantageous health program is provided with nutritional advice, natural, and holistic therapies for each individual.  Deeper 'Soul Level' and emotional issues that you are working on throughout this lifetime will also be brought to light to help you understand a 'bigger picture' of how your healing journey can accelerate and inspire you! [...]

70 Woodfin Place, Asheville, NC, United States, Suite 232, Asheville, North Carolina, United States 28803

Asheville Structural Integration

2015-12-29 5:02 pm
Summary: Increase energy, flexibility, and stamina. Reduce pain, stiffness, and stress. Structural Integration (SI) is time and cost-effective. SI is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to address pain and improve overall health. As a therapeutic massage bodywork technique, SI creates the space required for proper body functioning. Its series of sessions involve manipulating soft tissues, realigning the body and teaching its parts and whole to move more effectively. Through a systematic series of sessions, SI balances and integrates all body components in a balanced myo-fascial framework for an energetic, pain-free lifestyle. Over fifty five star testimonials distinguish Jack Boyd as both compassionate and effective, without unnecessary pain.
70 Woodfin Place, Asheville, NC, United States, STE 301B, Asheville, North Carolina, United States 28801

Dance Movement – 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation Practice

2016-07-31 8:12 pm
Summary: Studies have shown that dance movement, and other increases of physical activity such as, swimming, walking, and jogging, helps to improve memory loss problems, stimulates more brain activity, reduces stress, and helps us to stay fit. Karen Chapman cares deeply and is committed to improving the health and well being of everyone who attends her dances and classes. The 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation practice, started by Gabrielle Roth in the 90’s, is now a popular global practice. In this practice we dance to a 5 Rhythm Wave of music starting with a ‘flowing’ rhythm; soft, feminine and receptive. The rhythm of ‘staccato’ follows, which is more masculine, angular, expressive and focused. This leads into ‘chaos’, which is letting go and releasing, yet staying grounded. ‘Lyrical’ comes next which is lightness and expansiveness. We wind down into the 5th rhthym, ‘stillness’, quieting with the breath and [...]

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